The intelligent driving research carried out by the intelligent driving team of Lanzhou University is based on Lanzhou, aiming at the advantages of natural resources and industrial development characteristics of Gansu Province, and actively explores and innovates to serve the local. Intelligent driving, as an emerging industry, is an opportunity for high-end manufacturing in Gansu Province to realize overtaking on curves. At the same time, combined with the gradually coming 5g era, it has a bright future for the further development and transformation of high-tech industry in Gansu Province. The team was established in 2018. As the first intelligent driving research team in Gansu Province, the first intelligent driving test vehicle was officially unveiled at the Lanzhou International Trade Fair in July 2018, which has received close attention from various multimedia and enterprises and institutions including Xinhua news agency and China News Agency. In August 2018, the team completed the first intelligent driving test on public roads in Tianjin; in September 2018, it achieved breakthroughs in three core technologies: multi-sensor fusion perception, three-dimensional high-precision mapping and positioning, and real-time dynamic decision-making planning and control.

    The team's overall technical level in the field of intelligent driving has reached the first-class level in China. In recent years, the team has carried out work including: 1) cooperating with national energy automobile to develop advanced auxiliary driving system for passenger cars with mass production specifications, and completed the research and development of lane keeping, advanced adaptive cruise and emergency brake braking algorithms, and transplantation of embedded chips; 2) United with LS LanTuo, Lanzhou Guangtong new energy, Datang Telecom and Gansu Mobile to develop a 5g based auxiliary driving system for commercial vehicles; 3) combined  with GuoNeng automobile, we developed L4 fully automatic driving passenger car, completed multi period and multi working condition road test in Tianjin, and applied relevant technology success to Lanzhou Zhidou D2 minicar, and completed intelligent driving modification of Zhidou model; 4) Jointly developed large-scale driverless buses and freight logistics vehicles with Lanzhou Guangtong New Energy Automobile and LS LanTuo; 5) In conjunction with AVIC Lanzhou Wanli Electromechanical company, carried out the research and development and commercialization of automatic driving-by-wire control and steering-by-wire equipment; 6) Established the first 5g open laboratory in Gansu Province with Gansu Mobile, jointly carried out the research and development of 5g based intelligent Internet tour guide vehicle and garbage cleaning vehicle, and jointly developed 5g based police command vehicle with LS LanTuo and Gansu Mobile; 7) signed a memorandum of cooperation with Nagoya University in Japan in the field of intelligent Internet connected automobile, studying technologies such as 5g based remote vehicle control and V2X; 8) In combination with Jilin Weisi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (subordinate enterprise of FAW Group) and other enterprises, it launched the intelligent driving car go (LTGO) in the field of education in 2019, and is jointly developing and creating diversified supporting courses such as MOOC for intelligent driving applied in the field of education with primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities in Gansu Province; 9) Cooperate with Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. to carry out intelligent transformation of special vehicles in the park, which is suitable for remote driving operation in dangerous environment, and promote the upgrading and construction of intelligent industrial park in Gansu Province; 10) Cooperating with China Railway Second Academy Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., and China Telecom, completed the research and project report of the China International Intelligent Vehicle High-speed Test Park to be built in Zhangye, Gansu; 11) cooperate with Gansu Mobile and other local enterprises and institutions to promote the construction of 5g intelligent driving demonstration zone in Lanzhou New Area; 12) Assist Gansu provincial highway transportation construction group to promote the Yuzhong ecological innovation city intelligent network industrial test area and Qingfu road 5g + smart highway project, further deepen school enterprise cooperation, practice the concept of vehicle road coordination, and build a new business form of "smart transportation" in Gansu by building an industry support system integrating industry, university, research and application; 13) Drafted the "Lanzhou intelligent network vehicle road test guidance" to promote the establishment of road test management standards in Gansu Province, improve the relevant road test regulations, and promote the construction of intelligent transportation and intelligent network vehicle road test area; 14) In 2019, IEEE intelligent transportation systems reference (ITSC 2019), the top conference in the field of intelligent transportation, published a paper on 3D map optimization, and conducted a special report on the education of unmanned car lego (LTGO) in workshop, which attracted the attention of participants; 15) Since its official publication in 2019, the technical monograph "principles and practice of unmanned driving" has achieved a high praise rate of 99% in Jingdong, and has been selected as "10 books that AI engineers must read"; 16) the applied Gansu Institute of artificial intelligence system and algorithm was approved in 2019, and the Gansu intelligent driving industry technology center of Lanzhou University was approved in 2020, which is still in the stage of preparation for listing and establishment.

    The team will further build nests to attract Phoenix, integrate relevant resources such as automobile manufacturers, automation equipment manufacturers, 5g infrastructure suppliers and key parts suppliers in the province, and cultivate intelligent driving professionals in the province, so as to become a breakthrough in the field of intelligent driving in Gansu Province.