Founded in January 2009, Ubiquitous Awareness and Intelligent Solutions Lab (UAIS Lab) relies on the Academy of Information Science and Engineering of Lanzhou University to conduct research in the fields of pervasive computing theory and application, psychophysiology, emotional computing, semantic web and ontology. The laboratory implements the laboratory director responsibility system under the guidance of the academic committee. It has a young research team with multidisciplinary characteristics. The average age is under 40 years old. The researchers have professional backgrounds in computer, information processing, sensor research and development, psychology, clinical medicine and other professional background. At present, there are 6 senior teachers, 5 associate senior teachers, 8 secondary vocational school staff, and a group of doctoral and postgraduate students. Among them, 2 were selected into the national talent plan, 1 was the leading talent program of Gansu Province, 1 was a national advanced worker, and 5 were teachers with overseas study experience. The laboratory has undertaken the construction of the Key Laboratory of wearable equipment in Gansu Province, the Institute of semiconductors of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the joint research center of cognitive neural sensing technology of Lanzhou University. In recent years, the laboratory has undertaken research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, the National 973 Program, National key R&D plan, national defense science and Technology Innovation Zone of the Commission of science and technology, the International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, EU International Cooperation, Enterprise Cooperation, and the construction of "985" and "211" of Lanzhou University, and established joint laboratories with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions such as Zurich Federal Science and technology, so as to strengthen the national science and technology International exchanges and joint training of high-level scientific and technological talents.

    The team members of the laboratory have won the 2014 China Overseas Chinese innovation talent award, the first prize of the Ministry of education's Technological Invention Award in 2016, the second prize of Gansu Provincial Patent Award in 2017, the second prize of National Technological Invention Award in 2018, and the China Patent Gold Award in 2019.