In March 2019, the college cooperated with Haojing Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd. of Alibaba to establish the "Lanzhou University - Haojing Technology Intelligent Computing Technology Joint Research Center". The two sides carried out in-depth cooperation in scientific research, industry university research cooperation, and joint training of engineering masters.

    In September 2019, the "Intelligent Computing Technology Joint Research Center" was approved as "Lanzhou industry university research science and technology cooperation base", and became a key industry university research base funded by Lanzhou municipal government.

    In January 2020, four enterprise experts will be selected as enterprise tutors of the college.

    In April 2020, the graduate course of software architecture (Master of Engineering) jointly sponsored by the Institute of information technology and Haojing technology was approved as a professional degree demonstration course of Lanzhou University.

    In June 2020, the first batch of joint training master of Engineering went to Guangzhou R&D center of Haojing technology to carry out joint training.

    In June 2020, it jointly applied with Haojing science and Technology company to apply for the demonstration base of joint cultivation of graduate students in Gansu Province.


    In recent years, with the "new infrastructure" and "made in China 2025" proposed, the state attaches great importance to the school enterprise joint training of high-level talents in the field of artificial intelligence, and enterprise practice has become an important required link for professional degree postgraduates. Haojing Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., affiliated to Alibaba group, is currently the top artificial intelligence company in China. It has 16 capability centers around the world and is a leading enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence in China.