In order to actively respond to the national strategy of network power, implement the "opinions on strengthening the construction of network security discipline and personnel training", actively carry out scientific research on Cyberspace Security, and support the construction of Cyberspace Security first-class discipline and personnel training, it is planned to establish the Cyberspace Security Research Institute of Lanzhou University.

    The goal of the Institute is to create a first-class and internationally renowned Cyberspace Security Research and talent training base. We should strive to achieve leapfrog development on the existing basis, and make the overall scientific research level, independent innovation ability and international competitiveness reach the first-class in China, and several research directions have entered the international popular column; major breakthroughs have been made in the industry university research projects; a number of first-class scientists, discipline leaders and innovation teams with important academic influence will be cultivated and introduced; The ability to serve local social and economic development has been significantly improved.

Research direction:

    1. Research on data transaction security technology

    2. Identity recognition based on resting state EEG in pervasive environment

    3. Complex network and cyberspace security

    4. Research on cyber security perception technology based on big data analysis

    5. Research on Network Security of Industrial Control System

    6. Research on key technologies of electromagnetic space safety

    7. Spatial behavior analysis and research

    8. Design, verification and implementation of asynchronous security chip

    9. Analysis and recognition of network streaming media data based on machine learning